What’s Up in Our Skies?                                                                                        Astronomical Time 

Online Planetarium Maps, Calendars, and Information for Nightly (and Daily) Astronomy

Here are a few links (buttons below) to show what solar system objects, constellations, deep sky objects, comets, meteor showers, and other intriguing objects might be visible on any given day or night.  A very slick moon calendar (above), by Moonconnection.com , gives you a month’s glance at the phases of the moon.  This list of links below may change as I find better ones.  Location is, for the most part, user-selectable.

The Sky Live

In-the-Sky Planetarium 

Neave Planetarium 

S&T Sky-at-a-Glance

Sky Calendar

Moon Facts 

Real-Time Solar Activity

Daily Sunspot Map:  Earth- and Far-Side